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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as a financial perfect storm because congress keeps putting off these tough decisions that they are not able to agree on. the entitlement reform, the tax code and some of the consequences. if you have noticed the nervousness on the market and it is hard not to, a good chunk of that stems from right here. what is this fiscal cliff? that is where all these measures made at the end of the year, expiring bush era tax cuts, $110 billion cut from the pentagon and domestic programs, the end of long-term unemployment benefits, as well as the 2% cut in payroll taxes. all at once, it could be devastating. how do we avoid that? >> things have to thaw on capitol hill. >> compromise is not a dirty word. >> the pressure to get the deal done especially on a lame-duck
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congress will be intense but the dividing line is whether to give tax cuts to households making up to two ordered $50,000 a year or all americans. >> if you thought campaigns and with the election, think again. >> we have to get together and make it happen. >> is a collection of people lobbying for deal. -- a deal. helping to prevent a recession. today, the cda said they could push unemployment back up. the so-called gang of eight senators have started working on this. they do not reconvene until tuesday. they hope for a long term solution until congress takes over. >> the election is still not
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over in florida. votes have been counted inde county but in three other counties, the boats are still being tallied. the presidential race is too close to call their. there are concerns that an automatic recount could be triggered. florida oppose the electoral vote will not affect the reelection of the president. >> as for president obama's first overseas trip will include the first lady. they plan to travel to thailand and myanmar, and cambodia. it will be the first visit to burma by an american president. he will talk about job creation and human-rights among other topics during his trip. >> also a developing story in the district. police are investigating a bizarre death. a man's body was found inside a car that was burning late last night behind the hamilton center school. we're live in northeast
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washington with the latest. >> smoke and flames brought authorities to hamilton school in northeast washington. they found the burning taxicab and body and a mystery as to why the cab was back there. it was business as usual at hamilton school today but last night in a fenced in area school parking lot. a lincoln taxicab crashed into a ditch and burst into flames. the removed an unidentified dead man from the vehicle. the crash burned trees around this fence between hamilton school on one side and dormitories at gheit @ -- gallaudet university for the deaf. so far no identification of the victim. we have asked members of the large taxicab community if they have heard of anyone missing. neither the commission are companies like this one that uses lincoln's has.
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a you concern? >> we are. we cannot know until we have the information. >> school staffers told us that after hours, the parking lot is a hangout for homeless people and the scene of illicit activity. area residents agree. >> people come and come back in this area. >> no word on why this cab was in the parking lot behind a close school nor what connected -- what led to someone's death. police are calling this the death investigation. the police handling this. if foul play was involved, it will be transferred to -- from major crash to homicide. >> police say they have met an arrest -- made an arrest in a
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home invasion robbery. the suspect is tyrane mcelrath. he is accused of attacking an 81-year-old woman who lives there. a mailman found a woman on the front porch beaten and confused. he stole a computer and faces burglary charges. >> today was sentencing day ford jarret laughter -- for jared loughner. in a packed federal courtroom he was ordered to serve seven life sentences. gabrielle giffords is still recovering and was present but did not speak. her husband, astronaut mark kelly, says her life was changed forever. he will not face the penalty -- death penalty. >> a possible appeaplea deal for a
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man charged with selling government secrets to wikileaks. the deal does not include the more serious charges. they include aiding the enemy which is punishable by life in prison and. manning will be tried by a military judge in february. >> protest at the university of virginia by students demanding the resignation of the rector. a student group picketed the rotunda and delivered an open letter to the board of regents. they say the open discussion about hiring practices. >> on capitol hill, a house committee announced plans to study possible changes to building height restrictions in the district of columbia. buildings in the nation's capital have been limited to 12 stories for more than a century. preservationists say the units allow unrestricted use of the
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washington monument and the u.s. capitol and other landmarks. advocates argue it limits downtown growth. >> how hurricanes sandy can increase deals for auto makers. >> clear skies and chilly temperatures. that is next at six.
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vexed the governor has ordered state agencies to prepare plans to cut their budgets by 4%. the memo to heads of executive departments besides the fiscal cliff we have been talking about. president obama's said he will talk about this issue on friday. this year's elections will affect the wedding business. >> planners are bracing for a spike in bookings thanks to voters' approval of same-sex marriage in maryland. we have that story for you at 6. >> from the voting booth to wedding vows. same-sex couples got the right to marry. those who stand to make a
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profit are hearing a buzz. >> this will -- we will see an uptick. >> is a resource. since states approved gay marriage, she has seen [inaudible] >> let's learn more and find more resources. >> actual marriages will not be allowed until after general one when the law takes effect. cities are trying to lure couples by creating a new international web site. there were to be an option for those looking to marry now that the law passed. >> that day i got an e-mail from a couple i had married in d.c. to years ago. she is an interfaith minister
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who performed ceremonies. she said she has witnessed many maryland couples flock to d.c. to say i do. >> legally married. >> she does not doubt many others are waiting their turn and now they can in their own state. >> next, a cleanup effort underway. >> and springtime weather is headed this way for the weekend. the forecast after the break. >> the nor'easter is gone and the rebels are ready. -- red bulls are ready. these puppies are back out on the practice field trying to get better. th oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee?
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> we continue with a drop in a number of people filing for unemployment benefits. >> this was the lowest level in
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the month. the drop was due to hurricane sandy and power outages. it is expected that first-time claims will go back up next week. >> the damage will rise to nearly $50 billion, and close to a quarter million motor vehicles. drivers and car dealers are sending damaged cars and other vehicles to the scrap heap. a surge in car sales is expected. in new york and new jersey or the highes-- were the hardest hit areas. >> more than half a foot in some areas of snow and that is causing more power outages. turner thousand homes without lights. -- 200,000 homes without lights. some are still recovering from the effects of sandy.
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>> they have had a bad start to this winter. >> it will catch a break for awhile. things will calm down and warm up a little bit. around here we will definitely warmup. let's look at the hd camera at hemingway on the eastern shore of maryland across from the bay bridge. on the right-hand side there. looking out during the day, a few clouds earlier this morning. it turned out to be a spectacular day. some ripples on the bay. a bit of a breeze coming down but spectacular conditions and now with nightfall it will get chile around the area. -- chilly around the area. 46 in frederick. a windy day but the wind blew in the drier air. 56 and 40. another below average day statistically. we will change that as we had to enter the weekend. right now in vermont, 39. south and west away from the
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influence of that nor'easter the warmer temperatures get. this is headed our way and we will warm things up. one final look tonight at the circulation with the nor'easter moving out. high-pressure bringing in the breezes and the cool and dry air. following with high-pressure and warmer days ahead here. high pressure is moving in and keeping is clear and cold with lighter wind and light winds tomorrow. a touch -- 55 to 57 tomorrow. still a little below average. later into monday, the high moves off to the east and southeast, that will bring a warmer southwesterly wind and that is how we wind up with temperatures into the mid- to the upper 60's. 33 for an average wake of temperature in the morning. midday, 51. later, 56. 64 on saturday with sunshine. veterans day on sunday, mostly
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sunny skies and highs in the upper 60's. on monday, officially veterans day, 67. tuesday, clouds rolling into the area. ahead of another cold front. a garden variety cold front that will bring a 40% chance of showers and tuesday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> do you have any good news? >> as a matter of fact -- just sit right there and listen. this is a good story. the wizards are one of the youngest least experienced ball clubs but they're changing the culture and last night you could see it. in boston, bradley beale 19. they lost in overtime but they were back out on the practice field working hard knowing that
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they are close, just young and learning how to win. >> on the stretch wheree are -- [inaudible] we beat ourselves. we ended up losing the game ourselves. >> almost time to take off the diapers. elie got a huge game out of kobe bryant. he scored 29 points. the jazz band him around and beat him up. utah beat the lakers. the west coast dream team, the lakers now 1-4. early in the season. the terrapins left for new york with they will play the wild cats tomorrow night in brooklyn. as they had into the berkeley's center all they talk about them as well. and he was the rookie of the
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year. >> it is good for that kid and really good for maryland. he will make maryland now legitimately one of those teams because they were good enough, they needed that one guy and he is that one guy. he is that good. >> d.c. united arrived at the stadium where they will play the second leg of the eastern conference semifinals. last night's's game was no doubt against the rebels. even though the commissioner was out there shoveling but the snow has been cleared and the game is on and the players say that they are ready to take care of business. 7:30 p.m. start time there. and from athens, ohio. count the tacklers. seven guys hit him. how about the fake?
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he carried tacklers across the goal line. it did fake out the linebacker. here is a 50-year touchdown. they now have six wins in a row. great play action there. the players' union and nhl met again. they made two proposals which the league is considering. i do not know how close their but they're working to get this done and get the players back on the ice so we may have hockey yet. before spring. as optimistic as we can be. >>
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>> at 11 we go undercover to see one of the most lucrative smuggling rings in the country. it is guns and cigarettes.
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how this crime has exploded and how agents are fighting back. >> we got a break in the cold weather today. >> it will be very nice. still chilly tonight. clear skies and lighter winds. we will drop to about 34 the average week of temperature. it will continue on the cool side. the average time is 61. lots of sunshine over the weekend. 64 and saturday, 67 on sunday, and monday, veterans day observed, in the upper 60's and cooling off by tuesday. bob will have refresh update for you at 11:00 p.m. >> abc world news is next. >> we will be back 11:00 p.m. cnn. have a good night. -- see you then. captioned by the national captioning institute
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